Scoop-neck Knit Dress


This dress was made using the same Burda /Alabama Chanin mash-up that I’ve been writing about. I do these pattern changes because once the pattern fits, I like to stick with it. The basic change is the neckline.


The first image is the original wrap neckline (folded down the center front). I copied the wrap neckline from the shoulder seam about 10 inches down. Then I drew in the scoop neckline. The center picture is both necklines layered on top of each other.The final pic is the scoop neckline with the wrap neckline folded down. I tape the necklines on top of each other so that I don’t have to copy the whole pattern to have a simple change.

The next step is to make sure the back neckline matches the new width. I might need a second neckline, which I create and tape on just like the front.

If you would like a reference book with a similar philosophy of adjusting patterns that fit, check out Sew Many Dressed, Sew Little Time.

2 thoughts on “Scoop-neck Knit Dress”

  1. Nice clean cut line dresses. You wear them higher than I would but you have great legs LOL. To me they call out for a necklace or a pin or matching Fabric hairband?

    Also I’m wondering do you have to curl those gorgeous curls of yours? Mother Nature took a bunch of things away from me in middle age, but she gave me naturally curly hair …which I’ve always wanted .yay! LOL


  2. 🙂 I think the curls are partly from chemo. I don’t need to curl my hair these days.

    You’re right that the dress could benefit from styling. Good call.


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