A long jacket (M4394) and a velvet update

I had a plan to make a mix-and-match coordinated wardrobe for fall/winter including a basic dress, a short cardigan and a long over-jacket. I thought this was a genius solution for layering to deal with temperature fluctuations (due to medication) and the weather. Well… plans are changing.


First, here’s some inspiration for the collar (OOP M4394), which is very similar to my still, much-loved short cardigan. I added this collar (and neckline to match the collar) to my woven princess seam dress pattern and ended up with a fairly classic long jacket.

long jacket M4394

This is a dark time of year, so bathroom selfies are going to have to suffice. The length is an inch longer than the dress. I added a drawstring channel at high waist for a little detail and a closure.

The drawstring was pretty straight forward. I marked a high waist line on the inside of the jacket and sewed in a bias strip of silk crepe de chine.  The strip was cut 3″ wide, folded in half and stitched the raw edge to the jacket. Then I folded the strip down to cover the raw edge and stitched again to make a channel.

drawstring channel

I feel like the dark navy is a little overwhelming, but this is a useful piece. I’ll wear it on colder days.

The lesson is that my “genius” plan pf a long jacket is not quite what I expected, and I’ll be thinking about ways to stay warm and feel like I’m not overwhelmed by fabric.

In other news, I bought a cardboard folding That-Table (which is challenging to find, so here’s a link to Amazon) to use for cutting out fabric. I had been using a kitchen island, but then there was some competition for that space. That-Table is wonderful! I can put it up and take it down in less than 5 minutes and I know there is not a chance that butter will accidentally end up on my fabric (which was a possibility when using the island, even if I cleaned the surface).

The table came in super handy as I was cutting out a velvet dress, single layer, painstakingly.

velvet cutting

There was a flaw in the fabric, and I was sure I couldn’t fit all of the pieces and work around the flaw. But, I did! And I was so happy until I figured out that I cut out two left sleeves. It’s a good thing there was a small cut of the fabric available.


2 thoughts on “A long jacket (M4394) and a velvet update”

  1. That is a very cool cardboard table, someone should have thought of that a hundred years ago. Is your velvet dress for a special occasion?


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