The Goldilocks Situation

It looks like I might be Goldilocks! My recent makes are too this or too that. And now I’m not sure what to do.


I had this great plan to work toward – wear a neutral knit cotton dress with a colorful short cardigan and then layer a longer jacket on top as needed for warmth. I’ve got the base layer dresses finished and am happy with them. Next I’ve been working on the longer jacket.

The first one (pictured above) was made from fabric that I thought was a a cotton/rayon double knit. It’s got an interesting sponge-y texture, sort of scuba-like.  When I wear it, I feel clammy. I wonder if it has a significant amount of Lycra or other synthetic content.

The second one was made from a thin cashmere-blend knit. I took a 25 minute walk, wearing it as a layer, and I was bothered by how itchy it was. Bummer! Now my plan is to drape any wool knit around my neck for 25 minutes before I try to make and wear it. If it bothers me during the trial wear, it needs to go. (I wonder if chemo left my skin super sensitive.)

A little more about the pic above – you can probably tell my goal was to determine the best length for a long jacket layer. I sent the image to a friend who said that I looked like a basketball center in the far right. Lol. I’m 5’ 6” on a good day.

Aside from needing a different plan to use the wool knits that itch me, now I wonder what I’m going to do to make a warm longer jacket. I thought merino wool knit was the answer. Synthetics are pretty much out because of the clammy nature of them.

Options that I can think of right now:

  • Go the Alabama Chanin route of two layers of cotton
  • Line the wool with a cotton knit at collars and other places it would touch skin (find coordinating fabrics)
  • Use woven wool that is finely twisted (crepe)
  • Get more wool ponte similar to what I used in the short cardigan project – that fabric is very comfortable.

In other news, I washed the velvet, so once I have a long cardigan, I will start on a velvet dress. Exciting!

6 thoughts on “The Goldilocks Situation”

  1. I’m confused, that looks like one coat but shortened twice.

    Totally get you about itchy wool-never been able to wear it. And synthetics are icky. Its possible your sensitivity might have changed-I friend of mine, after chemo, could not even bare the smell of garlic, a flavor he loved.

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