Wanting, Needing, Doing

There’s a disconnect between what I want to sew, what I need to sew and what I am sewing. I’m sure this happens to other people, too. Please say I’m not the only one!

First, I have some wants; I want to figure out how to pre-treat and sew velvet for upcoming dinners out. I also have a piece of gorgeous animal print-inspired silk charmeuse that is calling to me (right side of the pic below). The first picture is all three pieces I want to sew.


One thing that is keeping me from cutting the middle fabric, a minky velvet, is a lack of a reliable jacket pattern. I thought that it would work to modify a previous pattern (from before surgery):

butterick 4732.jpg

I took out the FBA from before surgery and reduced the length to make a short version of the jacket on the left. The funnel neckline is a nice shape and I like the way it fits the model. (It used to fit me, too!)

I sewed up a toile, and my first problem was getting it on my body. The fabric I chose was a linen/silk blend which stuck to my dress. You can imagine me struggling to get it on and feeling hot and awkward after it was on my body. (This is far from the experience I hope for when I sew.) Then the jacket was excessively tight in the arm hole while simultaneously being 3″ too wide at the underarm. I’m still confused about why it can feel tight and loose at the same time. We’ll never know how to analyze that because it is long gone.  I’m hoping the Little Something Jacket will be a better choice and will make a toile in the near future.

I also want to sew something gorgeous from the animal print charmeuse.

charmeuse 1.jpg

It’s even prettier in person. I have a short-ish cut of 2 yards and am still thinking about the best use of it.

Oh! And I also want to sew this feather fabric!

feathers 1.jpg

Amazing! It’s a rayon knit from Marcy Tilton and was on the website for a nanosecond. I have two yards and want to make sure that when I use it, it will be a successful garment. I’m thinking of a Pamela’s Patterns Banded Front Cardigan.

What I need to be sewing is warmer jackets for the chilly weather that has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. I have the knit jackets I wore in the summer and have been layering those over 3/4 sleeve knit dresses. It’s not enough warmth! I got a little stuck after the jacket debacle I described above, feeling like I couldn’t get a jacket to fit. After a challenge like that, it can take me a bit to move forward. So that leads to what I am sewing…

three dresses.jpg

I’m finishing up three long-sleeved knit dresses. They are my current project because I know they will fit. Additionally, it’s surprising, but long sleeves are much warmer than 3/4-sleeved clothing. I cut them out and took them on a short trip. While away, I basted all of the vertical seams. I can then do the sewing in a few sittings per dress. The green and burgundy ones are finished, and the grey one is half done.

What do you want to sew or need to sew?

4 thoughts on “Wanting, Needing, Doing”

  1. Why do you not just wash the velvet. Have washed cotton and silk velvets lots of times. Cool wash, short spin, out to line until nearly dry then short tumble dry.


  2. Those beautiful fabrics! My only advice for sewing silk velvet is tack (i.e. baste) by hand. It seems like it would take too long, but with no slipping on the seams as you sew and no pin marks to worry about, it’s worth it.


    1. Thank you! I baste all of the time when I want to sew but I’m on a weekend getaway. It’s a great way to feel like I’m doing something when I don’t have my machine with me.


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