Short Cardigan (true love)

If I waited until I had pictures that I really liked, there would be not blog. So, I’ve overcome the challenge of posting images that are far from perfect. (I hope you bear with me.)

I’m in love with my new short cardigan! A couple of weeks ago, I posted about using tried and true patterns and showed an example of a wool/rayon jacket that was based on a woven dress pattern. The fabric was unbearably scratchy, but the jacket was super cute.  I took a deep breath and decided to use the same pattern for this cardigan/jacket.

The reason for the deep breath is that I love, love this fabric, which is a wool ponte. I bought it from The Sewing Workshop; they are sold out. But wait! Rhonda recently posted that she found wool ponte at Fabrications. (See, Mom, I share. lol)

collar detail

(Same jacket with weird color…) The pattern is a princess seam design and I made the collar a single layer. The neckline seam was sewn with the collar right side to the bodice wrong side.

teal cardi detail 2

The edges were bound with self-fabric. I cut a 2″ or so strip, pressed it in half and basted in place before sewing. My machine (a Singer 401) was a champ over all these layers, especially the five layers at a princess seam.

My vision for a fall wardrobe includes short cardi/jackets like this as a second layer and then a long cardigan on top. To achieve this, I think the cardi/jacket needs to have a minimal collar so it will layer nicely.

I’m totally inspired by Asiatica and specifically this design as a short cardi/jacket. I adore the slight funnel neckline.


What’s inspiring you these days?

6 thoughts on “Short Cardigan (true love)”

    1. I can’t wait to see your wool ponte coat, Rhonda! I truly want to buy all of the colors, and then I look at my current collection of fabric and think I should sew more of what I’ve got (first… then I’ll buy more). : )


  1. So what happened to the really scratchy jacket? I myself —I see a wool garment and I are running screaming out of the room, it just itches me too much. (Except a pair of giant wool socks to keep my feet warm LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goodwill got the scratchy jacket. Maybe there’s another flattie who has tough skin. The teal wool ponte is merino and pretty soft.


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