Swim suits for a flattie – B5795

Why am I concerned about swim suits now that summer is over? A trip to Hawaii is planned! I had been working on a swim suit pattern before my double mastectomy, but I never got past a toile. (At that time, I was working on Jalie 3023, but I needed a significant FBA.) After my surgery, I still needed a swim suit, and I found the perfect pattern – Butterick 5795.


I adore tankinis with a skirt bottom. I feel covered when I’m walking to the water and secure when I’m swimming. Additionally, these are easy to maneuver when nature calls. Finally, they are easy to get off when they are wet.

I made a muslin of B5795 and just needed a “cheater” SBA. The pattern has cup sizes, and I used the A/B cup size which I modified by shaving off some of the cup area and adding a bit to the underarm.

AB cup.jpg

Then I realized that I don’t like putting in elastic. Like I really didn’t want to, so I asked my sewing teacher, Marla Kazell, if she had time. She did! I took my pattern and three pieces of fabric I had collected. She turned out three terrific suits that I am delighted with!

We found out that the elastic around the neckline and arm holes was too tight. (It’s probably just right if you have breasts that need some support and would pull down on the elastic.) So, Marla increased the length of the elastic and it is perfect.


Here are the tops for my other two suits.

two tops.jpg

Marla has sewn a few things for me over the years. I appreciate that I don’t have to sew everything myself and can have clothes I love and that fit.

4 thoughts on “Swim suits for a flattie – B5795”

    1. Thank you! It will be hotter than I like (85 degrees F), but I’m hoping for air conditioning and cool evenings. Oh, and a dip in the pool. : )


  1. Wow those are great, you’re going to make $1 million on this blog girl. So how much did the three suits cost to have made for you? And are you leaving for Hawaii soon?


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