Start of fall sewing – using T ‘n T patterns

I had developed a reasonable wardrobe for summer, and then fall arrived. The days are  cool and rainy, and cotton lawn is not cutting it. So, now it’s time for me to evaluate what’s working and adjust to creating a new, flat wardrobe for cooler temps.

My first step was to make knit dresses out of heavier weight fabric and wear my short cardigans (Vogue 9190) over the top. That worked out pretty well for a month.


I was paying attention to color combinations, too.


One book I read talked about having a lighter colored outer layer and a darker inner layer, like a flower.


But I also tested out the opposite contrast with a darker color on the outside layer. Anyway, it’s time to make some warmer jackets. I liked many of the color combinations, and decided to move forward with a similar approach in heavier fabrics.

For the next make, I used my woven dress pattern for the base and added the collar from KS 3796. The fabric is the ubiquitous wool/rayon boucle knit; I used the woven pattern because I anticipated that the pattern would have enough ease if it was made up in a  knit to make a nice cardigan. It worked!

The next photo is how I join the pattern pieces – matching center back and shoulder (the KS is cut on fold, and the dress has a back seam, so the center backs are matched); matching center front and shoulder – to cut out the right neck opening. Then I cut the collar directly from the pattern. Since the neck openings were from the KS pattern, the collar fit exactly right. IMG_9348.jpg

I cut the collar as a single layer and stitched the right side of the collar to the wrong side of the jacket. Note to self – this iteration has the 5/8 seam included, not trimmed off the center opening and around the collar. This was a very simple make since the edges and hems didn’t require finishing.

Here’s the result, which I wore today. Surprisingly, I was able to wear the little jacket all day – I wasn’t too bothered by the scratch-factor. But as I type, the jacket is getting irritating!

I can see the possibility of rounding off the collar points to make a rounded shawl collar from this pattern, too. image2.jpeg





This is the start of my fall “uniform” – a knee-length dress with a short jacket/cardigan. I’ll wear leggings, including fleece leggings, if it gets colder. Do you have a “uniform” approach to your wardrobe? If so, what is it?

5 thoughts on “Start of fall sewing – using T ‘n T patterns”

  1. I understand that the first Jacket is a little light for colder weather, but the color is absolutely stunning on you. Love how it lights up your face 😊 Really like the idea of the jacket over the dress with leggings.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Rhonda. I like the light turquoise fabric, too. I’ll be looking for more in that color. : )


  2. I agree with sewbussted, that turquoise is just beautiful on you! Hopefully you can get some vibrant colors also in the heavier fabrics for your nice jackets. (This is coming from someone stuck in a dark, dull rut, so I’d better listen to my own advice…. 😉 )

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