Detour from stitching- Pink Lemonade Project Breast Cancer Survivor Retreat

If you are only here for the sewing, I’ll be back with more on Sunday. However, sewists are well-rounded people, too, and I just got back from a survivor retreat that I really want to tell about.


Pink Lemonade Project hosts several different kinds of retreats for Breast Cancer survivors, and I was able to attend one last weekend. The survivor retreats are small (limited to 10 participants) and are facilitated by two talented, dedicated professional oncology social workers. The venue (vista above) is beautiful and well-suited to the retreat (including that each woman had her own room and bathroom). And, they are currently free. (Really!)


I’m still processing everything that happened – building connections, feeling lots of emotions, being pampered, and envisioning my future – but I want to encourage you to attend a retreat if you haven’t. (Search the web for “breast cancer retreat” and a location to find opportunities near you.) Just being around people who know what it’s like to have a nasty treatment protocol, deal with the various parts of the medical system, and manage through social situations is really refreshing, affirming and powerful. I don’t think of myself as a big “group person”, but this was well worth my time!

Also of note – I’ll have my final Herceptin treatment on Wednesday. Then the port comes out next month! (Cue the confetti!)

Have you found any highly valuable resources for a survivor?

4 thoughts on “Detour from stitching- Pink Lemonade Project Breast Cancer Survivor Retreat”

  1. It’s great that you found a nice support system. Although I feel better every day I still struggle with fatigue and my 6th month check is coming up and that makes me anxious. I haven’t found any thing near me yet. I’ll look into it. It sounds like it was a worthwhile retreat.

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