Post-surgery robe – K4226


I’m looking at newly released patterns with a new eye, and this one caught my attention. If you are sewing for post-surgery, one of the things you may want is a functional robe. This Kwik Sew 4226 looks like it has options for whatever needs you may have for a robe. I especially like the front closure – the overlap is deep, so you will likely stay covered. Also, there appears to be Velcro to keep the wrap section secure.

A pattern is a good place to start. (In general, I think patterns are not sacred text that should be preserved for eternity.) In this case, I’d likely join the open sleeve (which look like they are secured with Velcro) by sewing the top opening of the sleeves with a seam. If I wanted to make this into a dress to wear to a chemo treatment, I’d likely adjust the raglan sleeve to have a zipper or other closure to access the port. (The chemo infusion room I’ve been to is no fashion show. Wear what is comfortable and works for you!) If the neckline is too low, I’d finish it with a 4″ bias-cut strip of fabric (folded over and attached like a band, possibly like view B, I don’t know what the pattern pieces look like) instead of the bias tape called for in the pattern. If I didn’t want the back opening, I’d just overlap the pattern pieces and tape them together before cutting. Then I’d need to adjust the stitching order and/or consider how to finish the garment. Or I could cut the back as the pattern indicates and sew it closed.

If you are sewing for a post-mastectomy body, what are some of your needs and wants?


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