New-ish pattern releases

Why did I only just now think of selecting some new pattern releases that the flat-chested of us might want? I think it’s because I generally take a pattern that fits and add the details that I want. However, not everyone does that! Here are some recent pattern releases that may work for post-mastectomy, non-reconstructed bodies. I’ve added a few comments about why I think they could be a good idea. Many of these seem to not have a dart and/or have distracting elements to the top half.


McCalls 7655  is an on-trend dress with layers that can distract the eye from the bust.


Mccalls 7658  is another on-trend pattern with a capelet feature. This can add some layers to the top half and add the illusion of a bust.  Butterick.6479 is another variation and includes a dress.


With the off-the-shoulder look, Butterick 6495 is a fun choice since I/we don’t have to concern ourselves with bra straps!


Butterick 6496 has interesting style lines that look like they could add interest and distract from a flat chest.


Vogue 1554 has tucks along the bust, adding some visual bulk.


I bought Vogue 9266 at one of the recent on-line sales and can’t wait to try it out. My first one will be in a beefy t-shirt knit. I think this cute topper would add to the top without being too obvious.


Vogue 9276 is another pattern I recently bought. I think it will be good either dressed up or dressed down. I think I’ll be narrowing the sleeves. These ones make me think of cuffs in my dinner, which is not a good look on New Year’s Eve!


The ruffled version of Burda 6456 adds some distraction to the area. You may need to eliminate the dart for a good fit. Alternately, you can sew “the essence of a dart” by sewing it more like a small tuck. (Then you’d probably have to eliminate some length in the front to have it match the back.)


What caught my eye with Burda 6475 is the seam over the bust. There may be some bust shaping in that seam that you may want to adjust, but the seam creates the illusion of a larger bust area.


Burda 6455 reminds me of good ideas from the early 80’s. I really like the soft drape and the shawl collar. I may be buying this one.

I’ve not included Simplicity or New Look patterns because I think that website is a disaster. Burda is so well drafted that I look at these releases (usually on Sewing Pattern Review).

What patterns do you suggest for a flat chested gal?


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