A dress for a warm day

FullSizeRender.jpgI can imagine myself sweating to death in Thailand. Is that a little overly dramatic? Maybe so. I describe myself as a forest trillium, not a tropical orchid, so I need clothes that will help me stay as cool as possible. I’m working on sewing dresses that will be comfortable in heat and humidity. Step 1 – get fabric that will work. Step 2 – get a pattern that will work.

I bought this Japanese cotton (they know how to deal with heat and humidity, right?) from The Sewing Workshop when I had the pleasure of visiting the store. The design is reminiscent of kimono, and the pattern is printed on an aubergine-colored cloth. (I don’t see it on the website, so you can call if you want some.) The pattern is my self-drafted princess seam woven dress pattern. The dress pattern is semi-fitted, but the fabric has relaxed some so that there’s close to 6″ of ease in the torso above where it starts to flare.

(I’m still working on lighting and taking good pics. I’ve decided that a less desirable picture is better than no picture, so this is what we get for now.)

dressjacket2.jpgAs many of you have experienced, air conditioning can be down right uncomfortable in the summer, so I tried my new dress with a cropped jacket. The jacket is Marcy Tilton’s V9190, which is adjusted by shortening the collar by about 2 inches and leaving off the ties.

I like this color combination, but I think it’s a little “out there” for some people. The colors remind me of a traditional Japanese palette, so I’m going to try it out. I think I’ll put on some shoes, too. lol

The tribute dress is another one I made for hot weather. It’s made from cotton double gauze.

I also bought two pieces of lightweight linen from Fabrics-Store. It looks like a very nice quality. I’ll report back when I sew it up (after the new washing machine shows up so I can pre-wash the fabric…).

Any other suggestions for fabric for hot and humid climates?





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