Precious fabric Indigo dress

I think we all have precious fabric, something we hesitate to cut because it’s so important to get it right. indigo sleeve.jpgFor this project, it was two pieces of indigo. I bought one of them (that became the skirt below) at A Verb For Keeping Warm and dyed the other one to coordinate. I was delighted to have these pieces to use and spent a lot of time figuring out what to do with them. I adjusted a pattern to use and cut out the fabric. I sewed to the point where I could try it on and check for fit. And then… I noticed the fabric was scratchy on my back! I wondered if this was just a fluke.

So I decided to finish the dress; at very least I could see how the dress design looked on me. And I think it’s good in terms of the proportions. (Confession: the dress is unhemmed in these pics.)  I like the bodice closure. I’m not sure about the split sleeve. It looks like it could use some interfacing or something to help keep its structure. The dress was still scratchy when I took these pics on a cool morning.

The point of the dress was to make something I could wear in hot, humid weather for some upcoming trips to Hawaii and Thailand. I could line the dress, but then the purpose is defeated. I could wear it in more temperate climates, though.

I’ll post how I used S1878 to make this design, just for reference. I find it’s much easier to take a pattern that fits and make design adjustments rather than starting over with fitting adjustments each time I get a new pattern.

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