Fall down seven times, get up eight

bubble dress

You may have seen this pic on Instagram where I asked if this fabric is weird or weirdly good. The consensus was that the fabric was good! When you look closely, you can see bubbles that are textures, not just the printed ones. It’s an odd fabric, for sure. I like it, but… after just a few minutes of wearing the partially completed dress, and asking my husband for his opinion, the dress started irritating my skin. My back was feeling scratched, and not in a good way. I imagine my scars would have started to feel irritated, too, if I left the dress on.

This is the first attempt at a wearable dress from the S1878 pattern with princess seams, and the fact that it’s not wearable is disappointing. Truly. I put a lot of time into getting the pattern ready to go and cutting this bubbly fabric out (and the fabric wasn’t cheap, either). Then I’ve ended up with a wadder .

indigo trySo, what’s a girl to do? My answer is usually to figure out the next project. My goal is still to create a lightweight woven dress to wear in hot weather. I searched throug reasonable options and found some indigo pieces that I dyed last summer. Until now, they have been too precious to cut, but it’s time to move forward!

The top piece is one I dyed last summer at a shibori and indigo class with Judilee Fitzhugh. That was a fun class, and I was able to get fabric that coordinated with a piece (the bottom) I picked up at A Verb For Keeping Warm. (As an aside, indigo is challenging to match/coordinate. The indigo pigment will be a different color depending on water quality, temperature, etc. So, creating a coordinating piece was amazingly good luck.)

I draped the fabrics in different configurations (side-by-side, striped in different directions, etc.) and decided I like this arrangement best.

sketch 1

Next I drew a very basic sketch with some ideas for the dress. I noted some ideas that may or may not work, such as adding some sashiko stitching, overlapping the bodice, and cutting and stitching the fabric together before cutting out the skirt. This bodice and skirt sketch is different from the princess pattern I’ve developed (the bubble dress above), so it means pattern adjusting. I may need a nap before tackling this…









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