Flat style – Dress embellishment update


Here’s one of my recent makes “in action”. This is a gratuitous pic of my Scooter, who is stubborn enough to stand on the armrest regardless of how many times I command, “step back”.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve worked on finishing the bodice-embellished dresses that I wrote about. Here’s an update of how things have gone.

The stencil dress turned out really well. For this project, I first stitched the front together and the back together. Then I taped off the stencil area,  and it was easy to rotate the stencil and fill in the bodice.

Because of my surgery area, and the thin fabric of the dress, I wish I had extended the stenciled area further down, but I like and wear the dress. It’s very comfortable on warm days, and we’ve had plenty of those in the past few weeks.

Yes, I’m barefooted around the house most days in the summer…


stitch dress topAnother project I worked on was stitching the bodice of a blue-grey dress. My thought was to make a garment that coordinated with the Kandinsky jacket, so I picked out embroidery floss that were colors from the jacket. After I sewed the front seams, I started stitching from the princess seam both toward the side seam and toward the center.

After a few inches, I noticed that my stitching lines would likely become skewed and might look odd as they met in the center of the dress, so I decided to incorporate some horizontal stitching to join the two vertical areas. It worked pretty well.


I think the dress looks good on its own and good with the jacket on top. Mission accomplished, with one caveat. I think the jacket needs to be shortened a few inches.

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