Near miss

On the heels of a post about why I sew, here is a near miss. Sometimes the theory of what should work doesn’t translate into reality. At least I’m not thrilled with this make.

near miss.JPGYou may recognize the top of this dress from a post about embellishing.

My myopia strikes again! The design doesn’t show up from a distance unless I’m in perfect lighting. Also, I think that the stitching technique stretched out the top of the dress. See the vertical wrinkles near the neckline? I could take it in because I put in shoulder princess seams (all bow to shoulder princess seams and how they allow for adjustments!). However, I don’t know if it’s worth the effort.

I think this color is ok on me, but it’s not great. I think it probably should be darker, like the colors of the shadows. Or something. (I’m wondering if I should be wearing warmer colors although I’ve always worn cooler colors. See my color analysis “game” on Instagram.) Also, if I dyed the dress the darker color, the fabric would then completely match the color of the stitching/embroidery. The stitching detail would disappear.

On a positive note, I think the overall shape of the dress is good! It’s comfortable. The neckline is great. The length looks a bit long in the photos, but that could just be my photo skills because it hits above my knee in the mirror. I learned a lot from making this dress!

Overall, it looks like the negatives beat out the positives, so I think this one is off to Goodwill.

4 thoughts on “Near miss”

  1. I find dress making like that. Things that should work don’t always come together in the end. Maybe with a sweater of a complimentary color would help. Or a scarf to break up the color . It’s pretty though.✌️


    1. Thank you! I like the idea of a complimentary color. I’m not a scarf person, but a cardigan in the fall sounds like an option. 🙂


    1. Yes! It definitely needs something. There’s decorative stitching on the bodice which might be difficult over print. I think this one might be chalked up to a “lesson”.


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