Why I sew my own clothes

Over the past few days I’ve attended a workshop taught by Pia Best focused on ecoprint and indigo. Several women there wore clothes they had dyed or stitched or sewn, and it was fun to see their self-expression. This experience reminded me about why I sew my own clothes – I’d like to wear items that feel unique (but not costume-y) and that fit my body and my lifestyle. I also just adore cloth – feeling it, stitching it, dyeing it, etc.


One of my major goals of the workshop was to create cloth to sew a dress. I knew that I’d like some ecoprint and also some plain fabric in the dress. Some ecoprinted clothes that have an all-over design look over the top, almost like cammo.

IMG_8619One piece I printed, pictured at left, was a great outcome. It’s got interesting colors with the orangish eucalyptus and a lighter blue background. It will make a beautiful bodice.

I indigo dyed darker blue pieces to use for the skirt part of the dress. They will cooordinate but not match exactly, which is great.

So, I got to use beautiful fabric with a nice drape and hand to dye and print. Then I’ll get to sew it into a dress that will fit my lifestyle. That’s  the joy of sewing for me!

Why do you sew?




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