Flat style – Inspired by…

paint suppliesIn a previous post, I mentioned that I’m aiming to bring some interest to the upper part of  my outfits. I typically wear dresses, so this means the bodice of a dress. Toward that end, I’ve been searching Pinterest for a variety of ideas for surface design. My goal is to use the plain fabric I have and the dyes, paints, stencils, and other supplies I’ve collected over the years. (Does that happen to you, too? I buy something with the intent of using it and then . . . well, things change.)

As an aside, we are planning to move to a different house in the next two to three years. I’m thinking about what the possible implications are for my sewing room. I think I’d prefer to pack my fabric and supplies as clothes instead of fabric. I’m also thinking about if I haven’t used something by then, maybe it’s past it’s expiration date. This is not a commitment; it’s just something I’m wondering. : )

Here’s how things are developing into what I’m calling a “soft geometric” style. To me that means shapes that are abstracted and also are not formal. First I’ve shown the inspiration with a link when it’s available and then my interpretation.

I found Tone Poem on Pinterest and followed the link to the ETSY store where there’s lots more great stuff! I really liked the simplicity and impact of the white stitching on the dark background and the emphasis on the bodice of the dress. My interpretation included using colored embroidery thread (that coordinates with a jacket) and a dark – but not black –  background. The stitching you see here took about two hours, so you’re seeing a work in progress. I think I will also stitch the front to this point, make the dress, and then finish stitching as time allows.

This second inspiration piece was also on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the original image. (The Pinterest reference indicates it’s from Asiatica, but it doesn’t look like a typical piece from that store, which is totally drool-worthy.) In any case, I went through many experiments to figure out how to free-motion embroidery stitch using my Singer 301. I like the results on the front, but the tension on the back leaves something to be desired. I reinforced the stitches on the back with a sheer interfacing in hopes of keeping the design in good shape.

The final inspiration is from Pinterest, and the reference leads to a 404 error at Trendy Road. Again, I like the emphasis and contrast near the face, and I interpreted this with a stencil that I’ve had for a long time. It was satisfying to be able to find a great application for it, and the dress is coming along really well. You can see from the image at the top of the post that I took the time to make samples with different paint, but then I realized I was sampling on the wrong fabric! Oops. That error was particularly ironic since I rarely sample or practice before  going straight to the project.

I’ll be sure to show the finished dresses on Instagram. : )

What inspires your sewing and design choices?

6 thoughts on “Flat style – Inspired by…”

  1. These look great! They are simple but striking in the impact they offer to a top or dress. It looks like a fun project to add to my list of never ending fun projects!


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