Flat style – Recovering from Myopia

I’ve got a problem that I’m still working on solving, and it comes from my efforts to be an optimist. I focus on what I like or what is going well in a situation, and sometimes that means I miss the bigger picture. That’s not good. Case in point:

liberty fabric.jpg

This fabric, in my mind, would be great for a travel dress. It’s not too light in color and would camouflage any spots, right? I love the blue/green colors, and the red dots are interesting. The flower shapes are not too fussy. Except that this is how it made up into a dress:

It should work as a lightweight dress for warm weather, but the theory is not panning out in reality. The print is tiny and it’s too dark for what I wanted. I got expert advice from folks on Instagram and my husband. This is not my best look. However (yes, here’s the optimist again!), I learned several things from this experiment.

I need to zoom out and take a view from another perspective instead of looking closely at a small print. I need to choose prints that compliment my features and are in proportion with the rest of me. I need clothes that have creative and/or interesting details.  I need to look at what has made me feel good when I’m wearing it and figure out how to replicate that.

No wonder good stylists get paid a lot of money. This isn’t easy! (Yes, I’m working with the talented Anne Whalley, but she’s not in my sewing room every day. One of the goals is to help me learn from my mistakes and figure out how to make good decisions on my own.)

3 thoughts on “Flat style – Recovering from Myopia”

  1. I struggle with this too. I see what I like in my makes and don’t pay attention to the things that don’t work until it’s too late. I’ve had some recent makes that didn’t come together even though the fabric is interesting or it’s a TNT pattern. I’ve tried using a bullet journal to see if that will help bring it all together.

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