An alternative compression garment

During my first physical therapy appointment, my therapist mentioned compression garments and how some people like them because they can help reduce swelling. A distant memory flickered in the back of my head. Several years ago I had created an Alabama Chanin (AC) corset. I wondered if this would be a reasonable alternative to a compression garment. Some experimenting was in order.

The corset pattern is available as part of the Alabama Stitch Book or  you can order a kit from the AC site to make one. (Disclosure – these are AC corsetnot affiliate links, but I am a huge AC fan!) I dusted off the pattern I had used in the past and shaved off the full bust adjustments I had made. These garments work best using “old school” jersey – no lycra.  I used two layers and decided to put the seams on the outside so that I could easily take in a seam as needed. Additionally, I thought there was a small chance the seams could irritate my sensitive skin or scars. This turned out to be a helpful decision since I did take in several seams.

I didn’t finish the neckline or armholes so that I could continue to take in seams as my swelling went down. Therefore, my corset looks unfinished, but it fits great!  I wore it until the weather turned warm; then it was just too hot for comfort.

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