A tiny capsule wardrobe

After surgery and before I could lift my hands above my head, I knew that I needed some tops to wear. (To recap, I had made two front-opening tanks to wear after surgery while I had two drains in. A drain is about the size of a small lemon, so I had to add ease to my tanks so they wouldn’t bulge open.) I like to wear dresses or a knit top and a skirt, and my sewing teacher and I had modified the 38DD top and dress patterns the best we could. The next question was what to do with the patterns?  I felt I needed a clear strategy so that I could wear what I was going to sew – no wardrobe orphans.

Courtney Carver’s Project 333 and the Vivienne Files wardrobe planning concepts were very helpful to me. At the same time, I was thinking, “33 pieces in my wardrobe? I wish!” I started with three skirts, the two front-opening tanks, and one knit jacket that were hanging in my closet. I planned colors that would coordinate with these pieces and made four t-shirts. Then I made three dresses. As I mentioned in a previous post, they all fit well enough to wear outside of the house, but they needed tweaking. I also was desperate for more jacket/topper options. v9091

I’ll devote at least one other post to this topic, but I decided to work with Anne Whalley to have professional help rebuilding my wardrobe. She encouraged me to move toward jackets with large (relatively speaking) collars and to be bolder and more creative in my color choices. I tend to err on the mix-and-match, neutral color side of the spectrum. With Anne’s push, I made up Vogue 9190 as my first jacket project. I still love it!

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